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Ceph is a distributed storage system that can be freely scaled. You can find a good introduction here.



I wanted to create a ceph cluster for some home experimentation. I had a look at available hardware that should be compact, not to power hungry and also not to expensive. My fist approach was to use armhf based nodes. This did not really work out well since

  • The binaries available are quite old
  • I did not get them working together

I then tried to build the packages my self to find out that 2GB Memory are not sufficient for this.

Next was to look if there is something available that was x86 based and found the apu2.

I created a cluster consisting of

  • 3 Monitor / manager / metadata nodes
  • 1 standby metadata server with samba
  • 3 OSD nodes (connected via SATA)

I did build a metal frame that can hold up to ten apu2s.

Ceph cluster

Next was to get networking running. The plan was to have an internal network separate from the public network and to get an understanding of the working. Also I did discover netplan and link aggregation. Since the gigabit network on the samba node is easily saturated, so I had a look how I can combine some interfaces to get more bandwidth.

If you want to build a similar environment I documented the installation steps.

1. basic installation of ubuntu 18.04